Resep: Lezat Lokma (Turkey) /Loukoumades (Greek)

Lokma (Turkey) /Loukoumades (Greek). Lokma (Turkish), loukoumádes (Greek: λουκουμάδες), with other names in other languages, are pastries made of leavened and deep fried dough, soaked in syrup or honey, sometimes coated with cinnamon or other ingredients. Lokma. (Loukoumades, Loukmades, λουκουμάδες, λουκουμάς, Loukoumas, Zalabyieh). This internationally known, decadent, and The origin of lokma fritters is ancient but often debated.

Lokma (Turkey) /Loukoumades (Greek) The exact recipe for Lokma has evolved over many centuries; however, it is a traditional Greek dessert with roots in deep antiquity. Loukoumades is a typical Greek street food dessert, very popular both in and outside Greece. They're popular all around the Mediterranean, especially in Greece, and are beloved as a Hanukkah treat among Sephardic Jews. Kamu bisa memasak Lokma (Turkey) /Loukoumades (Greek) using 12 ingredients and 10 Langkah. Begini caranya capai itu.

Bahan dari Lokma (Turkey) /Loukoumades (Greek)

  1. Ini 200 gr of terigu protein tinggi.
  2. Ini 50 gr of terigu serbaguna.
  3. Anda membutuhkan 190-210 ml of susu cair dingin.
  4. Anda membutuhkan 1 sdm of margarin/butter, cairkan.
  5. Persiapkan 40 gr of gula halus.
  6. Persiapkan 2 gr of ragi instan.
  7. Anda membutuhkan 2 gr of garam.
  8. Persiapkan of Topping & bahan tambahan (additional).
  9. Persiapkan of simpel syrup/madu.
  10. Ini of Kayu manis bubuk.
  11. Ini of Gula halus.
  12. Anda membutuhkan sesuai selera of Aneka glaze atau toping lain.

Also I added the cinnamon to the honey syrup as it cooked rather then sprinkling it on top. This made it easy to evenly coat the loukoumades with cinnamon. Loukoumades is a very happy and festive dessert because it is usually made to celebrate happy events. You can also find Loukoumades in every corner of Turkey streets especially at summer regions.

Lokma (Turkey) /Loukoumades (Greek) instruksi

  1. Campurkan tepung, ragi dan garam didalam sebuah wadah. Aduk rata.
  2. Campurkan susu&gula. Aduk rata..
  3. Tuangkan 2/3 bagian campuran susu kewadah campuran tepung Aduk rata dg whisker.
  4. Masukkan margarin cair. Aduk rata..
  5. Jika dirasa masih terlalu keras, boleh dilanjut memberikan sisa susu. Adonan akhir akan sedikit lembek, jika diangkat dengan sendok dapat turun dengan sendirinya..
  6. Fermentasikan (kurang lebih 30 menit)sampai volume menjadi 2x lipat..
  7. Panaskan minyak didalam wajan. Bentuk adonan bulat dengan menggunakan 2 sendok. Cemplungkan langsung kedalam wajan..
  8. Atau bisa juga adonan dimasukkan kedalam piping bag dan langsung disemprotkan diatas wajan berisi minyak panas. Potong adonan dengan bantuan gunting..
  9. Goreng sampai kuning keemasan. Angkat dan tiriskan..
  10. Beri topping sesuai selera. Hidangkan selagi hangat..

Lokma (Turkish), loukoumades (Greek), loukmades (Cypriot) (Greek: λουκουμάδες, singular λουκουμάς, loukoumas), or luqmat al-qadi (Arabic: لقمة القاضي, Persian: بامیه bāmiyeh, see etymology below) are pastries made of deep fried dough soaked in syrup, chocolate sauce, or honey. The very best traditional Loukoumades recipe (Greek donuts)! Loukoumades are little fluffy sweet honey balls, deep fried to golden and crispy perfection. These delicacies are loukoumades, Greek doughnuts, which taste similar to doughnuts yet they are so much easier to make. They make fantastic coffee or tea companions.